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Remember People buy into people.

Whether you want to get on in your current job or find a new one, knowing how to network is essentual.

Patricia speaks to Sun Employment about the importance of being yourself as a couple in business together.


Be yourself! Talk about who you are and not just what you do. People employ people they like and who are interesting. It also means you have the opportunity to strike up an interesting and broader conversation.

Keep it punchy when you tell someone what you do. Say what you do powerfully and succinctly in a sentence and leave your audience wanting to ask more.

Listen. Some of the best conversations happen when we really actively listen.

Bring your business cards and follow up. The actual event – be it a meeting, social gathering or jobs fair – is just the start of a relationship forming. Be sure to follow up wiht them afterwards with a personal note.



Spend all your time with one person. It can be very comfortable to spend whole time with someone you meet who feels easy to talk to and you feel safe with. Remember, networking is about moving around and meeting lots of different people.

Immediatly go into huge detail about your biusiness. You may love what you do but the person you are meeting doesn’t know it all – and may not need to or want to.