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Accounting for the children

Meet our newest Trusted Advisor. Gary Bloom, a clinical psychotherapist gives an insight into how best to manage your business while at the same time being effective mums and dads. One of the most repeated phrases I hear in my clinic is; “kids don’t come with an...

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Alex & Saiphin – Rosa’s Thai Cafe

From the East to the East End: An inspiring journey of growth. Alex and Saiphin Moore’s journey of setting up Rosa’s Thai Café is a unique menu of creativity, determination, working together, challenges, extraordinary margin optimisation, travel, great people,...

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Workplace Solutions… But Not As You Know Them

Image credit: Fora – Borough – Borough High St   From immediate plug and play office space for start-ups to bespoke solutions for shape shifting corporations... Flexible workplace solutions are being sought with increasing frequency. The huge rise in flexible...

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Selling your business – is there a right time?

Selling your business – is there a right time? Building a business with a partner is no easy feat: everyday there will be personal and professional decisions to manage. One of the biggest will be deciding if, and when, the appropriate time to sell might be. We sought...

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Creative Nature Super Foods

Julianne Ponan and Matthew Ford. We met Julianne and Matt earlier this year at the launch of Couplepreneurs in March (you can see a little snapshot here) and they later shared with us their very impressive story of Creative Nature which they have been running since...

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How to Gain Control of Your Business Finances

If you were to ask budding founders what their business objectives were in their corporate infancy, business growth would feature heavily. So why do so many get stuck in some kind of holding pattern, unable to grow? In my experience, the main culprit is lack of...

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Coaching for your best thinking!

You already have the answers to your own jigsaw puzzle. After beginning his career as a professional pianist, Nick moonlighted in strategy consultancy before moving into an analyst and business development role for a small investment company. In 2003, he co-founded...

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Behaviours most likely to help the leaders succeed!

After 30 years of starting, growing and selling businesses across a variety of sectors Stephen set up Funding Nav at the end of 2016. It allows him to create value at the point of most pain that is in resolving businesses cash requirements. Funding is a key but...

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