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Our Global Community for couplepreneurs owning and building businesses together provides a global platform to talk, connect and share stories with each other and the wider world.

Whether you are starting out, building and scaling your business or have plans to exit and need guidance, support, a sounding board and expertise, this is the place to do all of that and more.

Membership of our global community gives couplepreneurs access to meet one another at our events (breakfasts, dinners, member meets, annual All In Summit, retreats and date nights). Our news updates provide interesting and thought provoking insight, trends and stories for existing, aspiring and exited Couplepreneurs and our Trusted Advisor Network supports the growth with the ability to tap in to expert and trusted resources. Our member forum provides a private environment to talk and brainstorm together and share your profiles with other members.

As the first truly global Couplepreneur community this is an opportunity to be part of this growing economic movement and phenomenon that we are set to see more of as we live the 100 year life and design the life we desire together. We are positioning this under-recognised and somewhat unknown and undervalued segment to the world in its true light and busting open the myths that exist too!

Membership Benefits

Membership is just a one off annual fee of just £295 per couple


Member Area – Learn and gain support from our Trusted Advisor Network, view other Couplepreneur Member’s Profiles, meet, learn and share ideas and experiences at our members-only events, and get access to exclusive news, insights, stories and research.

What you get – Access to the world’s first global community of aspiring, current and exited couplepreneur businesses, advertise your own business to other Couplepreneurs (your product or service could be invaluable to them!), access the exclusive Couplepreneur Community Forum to discuss all the details of how you are all achieving and balancing it all – with people that actually understand! Attend business events where you can network and learn more about how to better work together and grow your business together. See more about what you get as a member of Couplepreneurs below.

Gain access  – Join a thriving global community of like-minded couples who are on different aspects of their journeys in building their businesses. You will get the chance to learn from one another at events or on the Community Forum, there will always be a wealth of information and experience open to you at all times.

Become ALL IN – Be part of this growing economic segment where we are educating the world about what this lifestyle is all about. Be part of the conversation through our partnerships, press, advisors and more. Join us for the ALL IN Summit on International Couplepreneurs Day on 15th March.

Exclusive Membership – Have real, open and genuine conversations and hear incredible stories of achieving great success, from inception to exit. Each Couplepreneur story is unique yet similar, particularly as you come across certain challenges in both working and home life. Come and tell your story while learning from others who have probably been there already.

Join the community

Join Couplepreneurs for only £295 per couple to gain full access to valuable members only content, events, Trusted Advisors and so much more. 

Membership will give you access to the following key 5 areas:

Access to events (these will comprise a series of networking events, breakfast updates, date nights, retreats and more). A key date for this will be 15th March which we have named International Couplepreneurs Day following our launch on that day in 2018 so please make sure you register via the events page on this site.
Insight and updates delivered through regular newsletters – as part of your Couplepreneur membership, we will be interviewing aspiring, existing and exited Couplepreneurs across the globe and will bring these stories to you through our regular updates, together with the Trusted Advisors also telling us what’s new, disruptive and what’s going on within and outside the community. There will also be opportunities to feature your business and story both on the Members Profile page and our Blog.
Closed Forum – We will have a closed forum for all members to have access to a closed Facebook forum where Couplepreneurs can chat, talk freely and debate and be stronger together.
The ability to tap in to the Trusted Advisor Network – this will comprise access to businesses from funding through to exit and everything in between. The Trusted Advisor Network has been created to help support your business growth on a one to one basis as and when it’s needed. The Network will also be doing inspiring talks (both through webinar and in person) to impart their knowledge and insight so we fully expect you to take away some great learnings from either being in the room or online with them during your time as a member.
Adding your business profile on the site – this can be viewed within the members area by other members (if you are happy to make it public) – this will be a completely closed area just for members. Following the launch at the inaugural All In Summit on 15th March 2018 at The Soho Hotel, there have been so many couples who made both business and personal connections. We believe this will be one of the key areas of this community and adding your profile to the site for people to find you is just the start!
Helping Couplepreneurs achieve more together.

 We are excited about this growing economic segment and phenomenon that is building and we are looking forward to telling the world about you all and busting open the myths. We look forward to you joining the community and meeting other inspiring Couplepreneurs and sharing your story with them.

We hope that you will be inspired by what you see, hear,
learn, share and experience together.

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