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Be good planners, resilient and brave – all at once.

Our Founder and Enterprise Nation member Patricia Bacon shares advice for couples who co-found a business.

As I interview more and more couplepreneurs, couples that live together and run a business together, I realise that this is a growing economic force that is evolving, compelling and fascinating all at once.

It is a sector that is under valued, under represented, somewhat undiscovered and unknown.

There is a huge set of myths that exist around just how this could possibly work.

But it does.

You only need to look at Desmond & Dempsey, Sxollie, Kashing, Pai Skincare, 38 Degrees North and The Cheeky Panda to see that this is happening across all ages, sectors and geographies. So let’s look at some of the tips for couplepreneurs.