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They are all ‘Mom and Pop’ shops

Read what our founder Patricia has to say about some of the ridiculous myths that surround this new and exciting sector as she sits down and chats with SME.

So many myths exist around couples that live together and run a business together.

I have people become really quite emphatic telling me how they could never work with their partner when I tell them I have worked with very successful Couplepreneur businesses. And that’s ok. But we are witnessing a growing phenomenon and a movement towards more couples choosing to create a life brand with their partner. One of the objectives in setting up Couplepreneurs  – a global community for couple owned businesses to meet, share and inspire their stories and come together to support and be supported through the trusted advisor network within the community – is to dispel the myths around working together. So what are some of these myths?



Paul & Hilary – Personal Homefinders

Sell It With Your Head Not Your Heart “It’s not your baby. If it was your own baby, you wouldn’t be selling it!” Wise words from Paul Cole who, together with his wife Hilary, successfully sold their property letting agency, Personal Homefinders, in 2014.  This is a...

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In pursuit of success

After a whirlwind sabbatical in Thailand and Australia spent competing in the world championships for Triathlon, little did Ben and Cat know that this experience was going to change their lives forever. Couplepreneur - Cat Benger and Ben Webeck Business Established -...

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