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It all started on the first date – literally.

It was circa-2007 that Duncan and I went on the first of many dates (the ones before you ‘officially’ get together – which was in 2010 I might add).

We had consumed a few too many cocktails and both working at agencies at the time, were talking about owning and running an advertising agency one day. Even over the last eight years, we have always talked about how great it would be to spend everyday together running a business, doing something that we both love.

And here we are today, running our own advertising agency in London.

Couplepreneur – Kate & Duncan Skipper
Business Established – 2017
Industry – Creative agency

It’s only been seven months since we have been working full time together, but we had been running the business on the side for three years prior. So we were fortunate to have a glimpse into how we worked together on smaller projects, before we launched into the bigger ones.

We’re still learning, every day there are new challenges – mainly on the business side, but also working together. Duncan likes to talk a lot and share everything, whereas I prefer to just get on with it. It’s definitely a work in progress.

The best thing about the challenges is that we get to work on them together and find a solution that we know will benefit our business.

We share the same vision and have always talked openly about where we want the business to go and how we want to nurture it to get there.

“My wife and I started our agency with a unified belief in the immense value that can be generated when communicating a message that brings brand and audience together in the pursuit of positive change.”

Creative Partner, Skipper & Skipper

The challenge is real.

The biggest challenge is probably switching off work and into ‘couple mode’, whilst we knew it would never be a 9-5 strictly business schedule (nor did we want it to be), it has been difficult for us to find a balance here. I even tried at one stage to implement a policy of no work talk after 9.30pm, but sometimes one of us will have an idea too exciting to not share! This is definitely still a work in progress but as we settle more into this lifestyle, the more everything is intertwined anyway.

We are in this for the long term and the lifestyle that type of commitment brings. If we had continued working for someone else, we would have ended up spending less time together, not more. We also feel that we have such strong values that we want to instil those as part of the business – both in our service offerings and in our culture.

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