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Our founder and expert business growth consultant Patricia Bacon speaks to Women in Leadership about Couplepreneurs, the new global network for couples running businesses together.

When I met Diane and Gordon Young, the Couplepreneur who run The Drum, Europe’s largest marketing services platform, I was struck by what Gordon Young immediately told me.

Gordon began “I don’t know how people can live together and not really know what they do” and added “living together and working together is just so nor­mal. I don’t understand why everyone wouldn’t do this”. Diane added just how it gives them greater flexibility and more control as and when they need time whether that’s for themselves or for their 3 young children.

This is a successful partnership that started 22 years ago. It echoes so many stories I hear as I meet and interview couples across the globe. Couplepreneurs is a new business – a global community for couple owned businesses to meet, share and inspire their stories and come together to support and be supported through the trusted advisor network within the commu­nity.

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